Apple Varieties and Harvest Dates

Apple Varieties and tentative Harvest Dates:

The following are the apples we grow and their tentative harvest dates:

Tydeman and Gallants
Late August

Jonamac -  Excellent eating, Good for baking
Sept 9-16

McIntosh - Excellent eating, Good for baking, salad, sauce and frozen
Sept 20

Twenty Ounce - Excellent for sauce, Good for baking, salad, and frozen
Sept 23

Cortland - Excellent for eating and salad, Good for sauce and baking
Sept 23

Spartan (Spartamac) - Excellent eating, Good for bakingand salad
Oct 1

Empire - Excellent eating, Good for baking, salad, sauce and frozen
Oct 3

Golden Delicious - Excellent for eating, salad, sauce, Good for baking
Oct 5

Macoun -  Excellent eating, good for salad
Oct 5

Fuji - Excellent eating, Good for salad, sauce, and baking
Oct 10

Jonagold - Excellent for eating, salad, sauce and baking
Oct 10

Crispin - Excellent for eatingsauce, and baking, Good for salad
Oct 15

Northern Spy - Excellent for sauce, baking and frozen, Good for eating
Oct 15

Ida Red - Excellent for eating, salad, and bakign, Good for sauce and frozen
Oct 18

Oct 22

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